The concept of victory and defeat can evolve and take various shapes that are blurry in nature and incomprehensible on the level of estimations that and once the results of victory and defeat are settled. The evolution of this concept depends on the changes and mutations happening in certain aspects of life such as: population density, the nature of people's differences, technology, education, the world's economic situation, etc.. Therefore, the process of understanding the concept of victory and defeat is not predictable, and this is due to the changes in the originality and consistency of the idea. This artwork sheds light on this notion through the most famous and popular paper-and-pencil game of all time ("X-0" also known as "tic-tac-toe") by creating an environment relying on the visual simulation of the game that is based on composition and assembly. This is done by adding to the theory of expansion, the evolution of certain human concepts and, quantitatively, a game chip as a base with a scope that explains the extent of changes resulting in the incapability of anticipating the final result of the game. This way, the simulation will be evoking the elements of the game (the Xs and the Os), and will also summarize the hazy aspect of the settlement between the concepts of victory and defeat.


The idea of ​​working on the concept of dialogue is based on dimensions that are concerned with continuous human participation and its realistic application on the dimensions of the idea of ​​(sending and receiving) for different aspects of existence, after which an idea is formed that is closer to the reaction and can develop and spread in multiple forms as a result of its transmission in a way that does not depend on a temporal aspect or  One place. Those receptors are represented within a visual framework that depends on the tension and attraction component, which results in reactions that get rid of the principle of transmission and reception, which is intellectually continuous loops, so that the repetition of the moving elements forms an environment that represents the emission that constitutes an environment with different directions in a way that depends on synchronization in the dialogue industry, in a manner that depends  On the assembly representing the sensory and auditory side of the whole as a result of the formation of a community of receptors and transmitters that confirm the idea in a kinetic concept

CHAOS 2018

Based on creating different mineral formations in terms of shape and consistency in terms of the formation process. Where the on data, which is an electromagnetic system that smelts metals. Where the work reflects the extent of randomness that it tries to create in a fixed and organized way by working to unify the data and get out of it in molten forms varying in shape and final composition. So that the discrepancy between the fixed treatment and the different results motivates us to ask the question about the nature of chaos.

Hg 2020

Mirrors have features that are not limited to reflecting images from the outside world only, but rather they are a description of the state of the assets in general and the way their actions or existence reflect on our surroundings. The difference or stability of the substance. This analogous vision has the goal of highlighting through many aspects that link the elements in terms of form and application. In a tangible, figurative short, it equates between reality and its mirror images on those mirrors. The work is based on the concept of refraction of inverted images. Which the project resorts to the form of making sure that the concept has a figurative form that depends on the stability of identity in its different temporal forms of the past and the present, and which seeks to confirm images that carry the identity in a future way.

based on a basis with clear stability derived from a continuous temporal context. Reflection has a copying nature, but it is incapable of copying the essence of the assets, despite it retaining the concept of changing the appearance and agreeing in the stability
and consistency of reality. The reality, despite changing its images, so that these mirrors are an expression of an idea that explains the goal of reflection and refraction of the image and the extent to which its stability is achieved depending on the repetition of a
comprehensive image by using mirrors with special features, to be a different image in terms of appearance and stable in terms of substance.


Naff 2021

This project reflects the interaction between women and architecture in the southern Arabian Peninsula. By using the technique of "SAHAR" ,which is used to decorate floors and walls in the past. And highlighting women in the process. In an appearance that depends on the techniques used in a way that depends on the kinetic interaction between materials and manual formation.

the idea depends on the transfer of these practices in a contemporary way that depends on the sensors receiving movement and transferring them in an abstract way that depends mainly on the concept of the human relationship with the place and the method of reviving and transforming silent walls to more dynamic assets. The work becomes within a framework that can monitor the nature of the act and its impact on human life and way of living.



Entropy, 2022 Kinetic Installation
Dimensions Variable Entropy is a kinetic installation that spatializes our continual movement between chaos and order,
subverting our ceaseless subject of desire and production of entropy. The work draws on the cyclical motion of chains within a
pulley system and employs gravity and the floor to disrupt its neat fall, creating coiled disorderly upward movements. The work employs its threatening mechanism, and the clanking sound of chains to further inform the phenomenological experience of the audience. The repetitive motion amasses our eternal propensity and preoccupation with transmuted forms, drawing out the tensions within our human curiosity and unrelenting fixture on entropic processes. Gabaan's kinetic practice explores materiality and form, employing laws of motion to draw out the complexities of human behavior. His motion-based work assembles encounterswith entropic process, submitting audiences to uncertain outcomes of machines within agreed frameworks.

Clairvoyant , (2022).

The clairvoyants is a installation of 80 glossy silver dolls with different sizes that  human movement captured by motion sensors and their detection cameras. These dolls take different positions, and screen to watch a selected Archives videos  that have woven through it a many traditions that continue until this moments. The reflective silver color forms mirrors reflecting the surrounding landscape to form a relationship between the receiving information and what we see through in terms of motion and shape. The work invites the masses to think and understand the sense of sight and the fundamental pillar of the tradition's reception in its kinetic form.

 The clairvoyants propose a new visual simulation that commemorates remembrance and historical facts and interacts with the ocean smoothly creates a balance of action and reactions, that is summarized in tracking the puppet heads of the surrounding movement, to highlight the cultural significance of the traditions summarized in the focus of these dolls and to maintain awareness of the present and the need to pay attention to the changes surrounding us and monitor them in a manner that balances the importance of the past with the will of the present.




Noor Al Riyadh Fest 2023 Wadi Namar.

Quoz Art Fest 2024 Alserkal Dubai.

The knowledge possessed by Bedouins is an interesting aspect,clearly reflected on the principles of adaptation in the most difficult living environments.in a manner that takes the desert as a mysterious spot through which we can understand the contradictions that manifest among many examples such as mirage and oasis.Within a contemporary visual form depends on the interaction between light and sand.In a way that takes from the environment and the state of endeavor to provide security,the elements of which are to reveal aspects of the knowledge possessed by the residents of desert on the locomotion in general.The work forms metaphorical dividing line and virtually secure surroundingsin terms of presence and direction. The circle reflects the current state of safety during the journey, and the stick that represents the direction that places the city of Riyadh as a destination for certainty in arriving without yearning for the nearby swarm.By forming a luminous floor contains sand in the circle, which constitutes an interactive spot that makes the circle floor a drawing space using sand and light,while retaining the light emanating from the stick that determines the destination during the resumption of the journey. In addition of the sound system that reflects the calm of the desert.The work depends on the sensory interaction and the true personificationof the sense of security emanating from the circle and the certainty it contains in the confirmation of the destination. The work entrenches trust in inherited experiences and their usefulness, as Bedouin knowledge is embedded by visually documenting them.


2023 Bienalsur & SAMOCA

The work depends on breaking the sensory differences and transforming  the mass into an existence that mutates in unfamiliar ways. The ability to  achieve it, and to reflect that state more closely to a close visual image of  human obsessions and the way to express them. To make the work more  like a study that is outside the nature of the material and ends with the  human view of that state of fluctuations and put it within a more  comprehensive framework. For the action to be transient, it transforms the  nature of the inanimate into a movement with a soul that has a process in  terms of form and application.