Introduction & Biography

The environment that Saeed Gebaan grew up in played a very important role in the development of his personality which appreciates all that is colorful and vibrant with life. Gebaan grows up in Abha, located in the Southern region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This region exhibits a beautiful contrast of plains, mountains, desert, and sea. Gebaan emerges from this diverse region to further explore natural phenomena and how people interact with them which stems from his educational background in Dynamic Sciences and Industrial Engineering. Gebaan(b. 1989, Abha) is a manufacturing engineer. His practice uses the science of kinetics and its physical link with materials and industrial engineering to create new optical compositions in order to discuss the ideas of pure science and connect it to the human nature to produce vocabulary with scientific dimensions that discuss the concepts of the status of human acts and how to raise them. Gebaan's works raises a question regarding existence and presence as an indivisible whole through dimensions that often depend on the origin of existence and the human interaction with them in mixing in a visual contradictory sense and logically agreed within a visual framework based on assembly, installations and video art. Gebaan later pursued this passion by co-founding Phi Studio in Abha. The studio aims to create an environment where contemporary art and human knowledge.

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