Due to the influence of the sciences, which Gebaan was interested in from a young age, especially physics, theories, and hypotheses, he made numerous trips and had many questions about the anthropology of the various peoples and races, as well as an attempt to understand them from the existential side of things. When he was younger, Gebaan was an inventor, and his sister, who was a talented artist, had a big impact on how he approached art. He attempted to separate art from science through a variety of approaches, beginning with oil-paint drawings and progressing to interactions with mechanical parts, electricity, and electronics. His understanding of the arts was altered after visiting the Al-Moftaha art village and conducting research, which revealed perspectives on modern, post-modern, and contemporary arts and made him return to the compatibility of the artistic and scientific aspects in his artworks


Through Inanimate Objects

I used to be fascinated by the weirdness of artifacts, machinery, and the science of ancient civilizations. When I was younger, I had a unique, amazing, and terrifying outlook on life. How does life appear through these inanimate objects? How does life seem to exist? Regardless of the loss of aesthetics in my works, what counts are the emotions they evoke and the weirdness and thought that make you view things differently. It's amazing what art can do to influence us, make us think, and make us ask questions. It's fun for me to let others see what I imagined in my head before I did, since when you think of new things, you don't actually think of them.


From any medium that contains movement that the viewer can perceive or depends on movement in the basis and is permeated with sound and lighting. I may use several techniques, artistic materials and practices for one artwork, and what I present is called kinetic art.

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